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Top things to see and do in Toledo

Toledo is a cool little spot that many people choose to take a break in when the hectic city of Madrid gets too much. This ancient city is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site and is popular for its medieval buildings, churches and mosques. Here we’re going to list out some of the top things to see and do in Toledo!

Head up to the Mirador del Valle (Viewpoint of the valley)

A panaramic shot looking from the Toledo viewpoint across the city in daylight

A shot from the viewpoint of Toledo

This is a nice little spot to enjoy any time of day but especially the sunset! Don’t worry about not being able to find it - You can ask any local on the streets and they will know exactly where you want to go. Also, you could take advantage of the tourist busses that usually stop by here anyway!

Take a walk along the river Tagus

A shot showing part of the Tagus river under a blue sky

Just a sneak preview of the Tagus river!

You might have already walked along the Tagus river before and not even realised it!. The river that runs through Toledo is the same as the one that runs through Lisbon, Portugal! The Tagus is actually the longest river in the Iberian peninsula. Luckily for visitors, Toledo holds one of the nicest stretches that they can enjoy a stroll along, so make sure you get to see for yourself when you’re here!

Zip-line across the Tagus river!

A shot of a girl zip-lining across the Tagus river

Someone taking the faster option of crossing the river!

Sure, you could just walk across the San Martin bridge to get across fro one side to the other but where’s the fun in that? Why not jus zip-line across it instead! Check this website for prices and bookings HERE

Visit Monasterio de san Juan de los Reyes

A long distant shot of The Monastery

An external view of the of The Monastery

This is one that you can tick off the list on the same trip; The Monastery is located just 6 minutes from the San Martin bridge but be warned, this is a very steep 6-minute walk! The Monastery was founded in the 15th century by the King and Queen to commemorate both the birth of their son, Prince John, and their victory at the Battle of Toro (1476) over the army of Afonso V of Portugal!

Museo del Greco

Have you heard of El Greco (The Greek) before? If not, you’ll find out about it when you get here! He was a very well-known painter that moved from Crete to Toledo back in 1577. This is the place that he decided to stay and later died in 1614. Many of his paintings stayed in Toledo and have been gathered up in his own museum! You might notice one of his most famous pieces that is from the viewpoint that you’ve just come from!

Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo

An external view of the Toledo cathedral under the sun

Toledo Cathedral, Spain

The Cathedral of Toledo is considered the masterpiece of Gothic Architecture in all of Spain. Its construction began back in 1227 and took over 200 years to complete. Some people say the exterior isn’t much to brag about but the interior will completely blow you away!

Alcazar de Toledo (Army Museum)

An external view of the Toledo Alcazar in spain

Alcazar de Toledo, Spain

This will most likely be the first building that you will notice when you arrive in Toledo. It will also be the first one that you see when you google the town as well. Sitting on top of the highest hill proudly is the Alcazar de Toledo. This place was once used as a Roman palace and is now a military museum.

Mosque of Cristo de la luz

Ever heard the saying ‘Sometimes the best things come in small packages’? Well, That’s the case with this mosque. Let’s just say It’s not going to take up much of your day to walk around it but the design and detail is mesmerising. So why not stop by and see for your self!

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