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Top 5 best restaurants in Toledo

From our many years of offering advice on all kinds of things to all kinds of guests, we have acquired quite the list of things to do & see in toledo. Our staff have become quite the aficionados of the cities they reside in. One of the most common questions we get asked.

"Where is nice to eat around here?"


With this being a big part of our job, we decided to take our tips online for anyone to get the chance to try them out! Be sure to check out our other lists here:


So without further ado. Here are our picks for best restaurants in Toledo:



€€ - €€€

Av. de Irlanda, 15, 45005 Toledo, Spain

Trambana might be our go to recommendation for our guests. With a mix of typical spanish cuisine and equal parts foreign, you will be hard pressed to not find something that you like here, with even the pickiest pals. On the inside the aesthetic is clean and beachy vibes, truly somewhere to take anyone, a group of friends, a date, someone you met on tinder.

Being a gastrobar, expect to find a whole bunch of drinks to take your night from good to great. Trambana will be the place you leave telling your friends to visit for the next month.



Terraza Miradero

€€ - €€€

Calle Gerardo Lobo, 1, 45001 Toledo, Spain

What Spanish list would this be without a terrace restaurant? Terraza Miradero offers gorgeous cocktails and even better views of beautiful toledo. If you follow our instagrams, you’ll know how much we love Toledo at night. With cocktails, finger food and comfy seating, some may say this spot is best to visit for a lunch trip.

Terraza Miradero is a great spot for just about any occasion. Check it out as a must, for the views alone.



€€ - €€€

Corralillo de San Miguel, 45001 Toledo, Spain

With amazing views of Catedral Primada this spot is a perfect end to a long city walk. Featuring an array of both Vegetarian friendly and Vegan options as well, this may be the perfect spot for you. While at first appearing like just another kiosk, this spot truly is an underrated gem. Try the best Fois gras of your life here.

With all this and a beautiful landscape, what more could you want?


Restaurante Cuchara de Palo

€ - €€

Travesia de Santa Fe,1;Esquina Zocodover,7, 45001 Toledo Spain

Personal, cheap and above all DELICIOUS. This modern style tavern holds surprise after surprise with its dishes. For the prices offered, you’ll be checking to see if they got your check right. Bring your mates after spending all your money on the the previous 3 restaurants, and wonder why you didn’t just visit here everyday.

Ps... Don’t forget to save some room for desserts here...


Restaurante Tabernita

€€ - €€€

Calle de Santa Fe, 14, 45001 Toledo, Spain

With your classic all of your Spanish tapas, Restaurante Tabernita is a great spot for casual food and drinks Spanish style. Get a chance to try the food like the locals do, Albondigas, Fried green tomatoes, Manchego cheese. The works! We can guarantee once you see what’s on the neighbouring table’s plates, you’ll be ordering more!

There is also a cavern below the bar if you have a larger group, perfect to take all your new friends on your last day!

A couple of honourable mentions:

Rte Abadía
Rte Nuevo Almacen


That’s it folks, our concise list of our favourite spots to grab some grub in Toledo. Have some that we’re missing? Let us know by visiting us, buying a bed and telling us to our faces, it’s the only way. Check out our current promotions here. Right now we are offering 20% off for the whole of July in all of our hostels :/0


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