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PuyduFou Espana - Theme park

PuyduFou was chosen twice in a row the best theme park in the world, offering a simply enormous show that you never would have expected from little Toledo. it opened last year and this year they reopened on July 18, We offer a 5% discount there are several types of tickets. they don’t offer discounts often so make sure you order your tickets at the reception.

"Del Reinado de Recaredo a las Navas de Tolosa, del descubrimiento de América a la llegada del ferrocarril; este fresco gigante emociona y transporta a los espectadores a través de 1.500 años de Historia representada por 200 actores y con unos espectaculares efectos especiales sobre un formidable escenario de 5 hectáreas."


Cuéntame Toledo - City & Culture Tours

Cuentame Toledo is one of the best tour companies in the city, with a wide array of tours available. Check out their routes here. And don’t forget to book at our reception we have lots more information and tips!

"Cuéntame Toledo is a Cultural Association that emerged in 2012 with clear objectives: recover the historical rigor and respect for the city of Toledo in the dissemination of its Heritage, both among residents and visitors, and expand knowledge about Toledo with new lines of investigation and report attacks on the heritage suffered by the city."


Medina Mudejar - Arab Baths

Arab baths are a big part of Toledo’s history, and an all around fun time! With a tonne of packages for different experiences, this is another one we recommend talking to our staff to find the best one for you!

"Come in, feel the music, the aromas, the contact of the water on your skin, the strong and sweet flavors of the tea, a massage in the dim light of a candle while your gaze discovers ancient secrets ... This is how we relive history, this is Medina Mudéjar!"

Fly Toledo - Zip wire

Are you a fan of the extreme? Visit europe’s largest urban zip-line here in Toledo. With groups and individuals welcome!

"Live a unique experience in an incomparable setting!"

Toledo Train Vision - Land Train City tours

Try the land train tours for the best way to see the whole city without having to fly down a zip line to see it! The Land train tours visit jaw dropping view points for those who want a photo opportunity.
"A trip ... 45 minutes to get to know Toledo in the most spectacular way. You will enjoy the emblematic panoramic view of the city of the Three Cultures."

Toledo en Concierto

Toledo en Concierto is an open-air concert area in Toledo. With a constant stream of gigs, concerts and events, talk to our reception or check their website to see what’s on while you’re here. We might even have a discount for you!

"Toledo in Concert was born in 2018 as a brand of Carcama Shows for the promotion of concerts and festivals in Toledo IN REALITY, FOR US “TOLEDO IN CONCERT” IS MUCH MORE"

Terraza Summerland

Terraza Summerland is Toledo’s premier open air club, with a constant stream of events and acts. Keep up to date on the website, or check with our staff at reception. We can help you with booking taxis for your return!

"Summer nights in Toledo have their own name; Summerland! The best alternative to spend the best nights in Toledo. Cocktails and smoothies, restaurant area, Shisha service and the best atmosphere so you can enjoy the best experience."

Siempre en las Nubes

Siempre en las Nubes is a chance for a once in a lifetime experience to become a reality. See the beauty of Toledo in the craziest way imaginable, a few hundred feet above it!

"Our hot air balloon routes are an activity of three hours which include one hour of flight besides a post landing brunch, a celebration with cava, a commemorative diploma for all the passengers, a high resolution video and photography of the adventure."


With all this to do, we expect at some point you might need to get from A to B. Talk to our reception about taxis, we can call you one to get anywhere in and out of Toledo!


If you are interested in booking any of these activities please see our reception desk for more information, or contact us:



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